Regardless of the type of financial planning for which Wrightbridge is engaged, the nature of the data-gathering process is comprehensive and includes such areas as existing cash flow and taxes, investments, insurance, education needs, retirement plans and estate plans.

Step One:

     Client-Planner Conference to gather detailed information and review client goals and risk tolerance level.  During the meeting, the Client will provide the Planner with detailed data on current investments, assets and liabilities, income and expenses, insurance, and personal financial goals and concerns and will be asked to provide copies of such documents as tax returns, wills, employer-sponsored benefit plans, insurance policies, investment and loan statements, etc.

Step Two:

     Planner will analyze the client situation and identify strategies and products consistent with client goals.

Step Three:

     Client-Planner Follow-Up Conference in which Planner presents recommendations to Client, answers client questions, makes any adjustments mutually agreed upon, and in which Client makes decision to implement.  With Wrightbridge, the Client maintains control over decisions and Wrightbridge does not take possession of client funds.

Step Four:

     In Wrightbridge process, Client implements plan with assistance as needed and generally has access to Planner over next three months for counseling on personal financial matters that may arise as the client implements the plan.  As appropriate, Planner works with other professionals such as attorneys, CPA's, stockbrokers, bankers, and insurance agents that the client may wish to utilize.

Future Planning Needs:

    Annual and semi-annual financial review services are available for clients



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